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Jimmy Dean

During my internship at Ogilvy Chicago, I worked alongside a team of fellow interns to conceptualize, mock-up, and pitch a campaign promoting Jimmy Dean bacon.

Jimmy Dean is widely known and beloved for their sausage products, though they lack the same recognition for their bacon. We were tasked to create a social-first campaign, centering bacon and keeping our target consumer, the young adult "satisfied traditionalist", in mind.

Competing with several other intern teams across the country, our creative ideas pulled us into 1st place.

These are our ideas.

Creative Idea #1:

Celebrate the Stain

Bacon is messy. But the stains left behind say a lot about you: your cooking style, flavor preferences, pace-of-life. This idea celebrates individuality and engages the audiences by allowing them to explore their own perspectives and creativity through the stains their bacon leaves behind.

Execution #1

For this execution, I mocked up a social post depicting a bacon stain in the style of a Rorschach test, inviting the audience to comment their interpretations and share with friends.


Execution #2

This execution pushes the idea that bacon is timeless and traditional, just like the most renowned artworks in history. In this social post, bacon stains take the form of the most classic artwork of all, the Mona Lisa.

rorschack phoen.png
bacon lisa.png

Creative Idea #2:

We Forgot to Tell You

Taking an honest approach and candidly communicating to consumers about bacon's current invisibility within the product line-up. This campaign pushes bacon awareness under the guise of apologizing about keeping delicious Jimmy Dean Premium Bacon all to ourselves.

Execution #1

A simple apology post - open and honest.

apology post JD.png

Execution #2

An awards season Instagram carousel, awarding Jimmy Dean Premium Bacon's position on the sidelines of the JD product lineup. 

Execution #3

In the spirit of appreciating the underappreciated, we conceptualized 'Say it With Bacon', a social media filter that can scan your Jimmy Dean purchase and redirect you to a landing page on which you can share heartfelt messages with family and friends, accompanied by Jimmy Dean coupons.

say it with bacon.png
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